Window Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Windows In Top Condition

When someone enters a building premise, one of the first things that catch their eyes is windows. Nowadays, windows are an essential feature to have in any considerable structure including, home, workplaces and vehicles.

 Cleaning your Windows on a Regular Basis

It is extremely difficult to eliminate the dirt and stains from a window especially in a high-rise building or hotels where the height is a major factor. There are plenty of products and services available to keep your windows clean immaculately.

It is a tough and tiring job that requires expertise, proper tools and procedures to be done to perfection.  Therefore, the best alternate option to the DIY process is to hire a professional window cleaner in Dandenong to get the job done properly.

Precautions to Take Before and After Cleaning your Windows

In case you decide to get the job done by yourself, here are a couple of steps that you ought to take before you begin your cleaning procedure:

  1. Before using the chemical solutions to clean the window, it is better to wipe out the dirt from the window with a wet cloth. This will ease your cleaning process a lot.
  2. Take a wet cloth and gently wipe the dust away from the window. Do not rub the glass with dry towels to wipe the dust particles as this might scratch the surface of the glass.
  3. In case you do not have access to a cloth or do not want to use it, you can opt for a vacuum cleaner to draw the dirt and dust away before cleaning.
  4. Once the dry dirt has been removed, soak a sponge in water and use it to wipe the glass and window-sill with it.
  5. After finishing your window cleaning task, use a dry towel or cloth and wipe the wet window thoroughly.
  6. Never allow the window to dry on its own.
  7. Ensure that there are no wet splotches left behind before you leave.


It is all right to clean your windows when you have plenty of available time and is brimmed with energy. However, due to our hectic lifestyle and busy work schedule, it gets difficult to spare enough time to focus on cleaning our windows properly. That is when a professional window cleaner comes in handy. They can clean your windows spotlessly with proficiency and promptness, saving you plenty of energy and time to spare on other chores.

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