Top 4 Reasons To Keep Your Rugs and Carpet Clean

Rugs and carpets are an important investment that can noticeably transform the interior of your house. The soft woolen fabrics can keep your feet warm during winter while attracting dirt and allergen during the summer, putting you at risk of an asthma attack. There are many reasons that state the importance of a rug, in this blog we have collected 5 most important reasons that make your rug so important and why it needs to be cleaned regularly.

Adds Beauty and Style

Fill a barren floor with a rug and see how it looks. Rugs and carpets can easily enhance the beauty of a room and add elegance to it. You can choose from uncountable patterns, style sand colours to décor a room using rugs, personalizing the way you want it to. With the right colours and textures, you can add vibrancy to your dining space or hearth turning it into the focal point of a room.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that a new carpet or rug emits the least amount of VOC light? Your rugs and carpets act as a passive air-filter to trap dust, pollen and other harmful particles, removing them from the breathing space. It is shown in the research that many people have felt much better from asthma and allergy after placing a rug in their bedroom.

Provides Warmth and Comfort

Carpets and rugs provide thermal resistance to cold temperature retaining its warmth and coziness during the winter season. As a result it keeps your feet and body warm during the cold winter providing the safety and comfort needed to stay healthy during winter.

Softens slips and fall

They are great at cushioning our feet thus reducing the risk of slips and falls, thus reducing the possibility of falls and injuries. Rugs and carpets provide safety and security for the whole family, especially to the toddlers and older individuals who are at most risks of falls and injuries.

How to keep your rugs and carpets clean

Now that we know how the rugs benefit your house, it is equally important to know how it should be kept clean. Here are small tips to keep and maintain clean rugs and carpets at your home or office (if possible):

Place a welcome mat

Keep a large thick welcome mat in front of your door. This will help keep a check on the volume of dirt that enters inside.

Don’t allow shoes

Ask your visitors to keep the shoes outside while entering. Since, Most of the dirt and allergens enter inside through the sole of the shoes of the guests and the visitors, spreading the unwanted debris all over the house. You can keep a shoe shelf outside the door to let the visitors place their shoes there while entering the house.

Regular vacuuming

It is important to invest 10-15 minutes of your precious time each day in vacuuming your house, especially the carpets. This will draw out all the loose dirt and dusts from the floor and rugs and carpets leaving your home free from dirt and allergens.

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