Steam Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Requires Regular Maintenance in Your Workplace

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Do you have carpets in your workplace? Then you must know that the carpet requires regular maintenance to be kept clean and disinfected. Along with the aesthetics, a carpet radiates a warm, cosy and inviting energy that is irreplaceable. However, as much warmth as it provides to your feet during cold winters, it collects dust, dirt and a whole lot of other things that can pose plenty of health risks. A carpet should not only be cleaned to remove dirt and stains, it should be washed as well to remove all kinds of bacteria, germs, allergens and other micro-organisms that may lurk deep inside of it. Let us explore the carpet invaders as this might provide you with a reason to get your carpets cleaned immediately.

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Mould, fungus and bacterial growth

Warm and damp carpets are favourable conditions for mould and fungus growth. If the washed carpets are left wet and takes a long time to dry, fungus will definitely start growing on it. Once the moulds and bacteria start growing on your carpet, without proper treatment you will be left with no other options but to replace it.

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Again, spills on your carpet should be cleaned and dried immediately or else, the liquid will be soaked by the fibres. Left unclean and gradually harmful pathogens and bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli and Staphylococcus can breed on your carpet spreading disease and illness without you noticing it. Thus, increasing the absenteeism rate in your office. As your employees will fall prey to illness and infections.

Micro insects

Unclean carpets may horde tiny insects such as dust mites, fleas and bed bugs. One of the best ways to tell that is by noticing if you frequently get bitten on the feet and legs. These insects can cause rashes and skin irritations beside biting. If your carpets are infested with bed bugs, it will slowly spread to the whole area of your office and leave you and your employees restless and frustrated. You will need professional steam carpet cleaning service or pest control to exterminate these bugs and bring the situation under control.

Dander and hair

Both human and pets shed dander and hair. This dander is food source of tiny insects such as mites, fleas and licks. Once they start infesting your carpet, regular cleaning or vacuuming will not be enough get rid of them.

Steam carpet cleaning

Your carpet consists of everything favourable to sustain bacteria, moulds and insects, namely, nutrients, moisture, warmth and an easily adhering surface.

Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to remove all these insects, fungus and dander from your carpet. Keeping it clean and protected from the harmful allergens. It is better to hire a steam carpet cleaning service to get the job done for you. As they have the skills and expertise to get the job done properly leaving your carpet sanitised and smelling wonderfully. A regular professional cleaner will also help extend the life of your carpet by a few more years.