Window Cleaning | Dandenong, Melbourne

Window Cleaning | Dandenong, Melbourne

Window cleaning would be a headache for you if you do not hire a professional cleaning company like us. We have long cleaning brushes, extensions and high quality equipment which forge a robust cleaning force for your home.

Window Cleaning in Dandenong, Melbourne for Residential and Industrial Purposes

*Dedicated Dry Window cleaning Services

Cleaning dry windows can be very difficult and time-consuming. We have the technical expertise, right equipment and materials deliver proficient dry window cleaning services to leave your windows dirt, grease and rust free.

*Wet cleaning services for windows which covers both the pane and the glass

Wet cleaning is a full proof cleaning method which targets deep stains on the glass surface and pane. Thus, we use a combination of water and deep cleaning solutions to bring the lost shine back to your window panes.

*Dry air cleaning services

When warm dry air is blown into the corners of a window pane, the accumulated dust would be blown off from the most inaccessible corners of the pane.

High-risewindow cleaning – affordable price – high-quality service – advanced equipment –dry and wet windows – expert window and facades cleaner

Get your premises ready with our technical expertise

Having many years of experience in the cleaning industry we have gathered proficient knowledge and expertise to produce immaculate window and facades cleaning services.

Our window cleaning services cover a vast range of residential and commercial premises, including schools, offices, showrooms, factories and commercial complexes and high-rise apartments.

Clean windows Increase the profitability of a business

At J N Cleaning, we understand that having a clean and tidy window improves the curb appeal and overall aesthetic value of your home or business.

It certainly enhances the outdoor appeals and uplifts your mood increasing your productivity in the process. We have the technical expertise to make your premise look professional and organized.

Expert cleaners for expert services

We specially train our technicians to safely and efficiently clean high-rise or giant buildings that will surely leave you satisfied. Our industry insights into the most advanced equipment and products help us deliver high-quality service promptly. Our cleaners are fully insured and accredited specialising in all types of windows and facades cleaning methods.

Traditional: We use the traditional window cleaning methods to clean low level & internal windows, panels, partitions & mirrors at any commercial and residential premises across Dandenong, Melbourne.

Water fed pole: We are adept at using water fed poles to thoroughly clean the windows and facades of any high-rise building.

Cradle and rope access: Our cleaners are specially trained to safely and proficiently use cradle and rope access to reach extreme heights to carry out smooth and effectual cleaning.

Well-organised services and effective communication

We constantly communicate with our team and monitor the progress of the works. PDAs are used to swiftly inform our personnel in case of a scheduling restructure and keep the work organised.

We abide by each and every health and safety rules to keep our staffs, environment and your premises safe and protected from any hazards and accidents.

  • *We do not use harmful or toxic products
  • *We will not leave your premise without completely finishing our tasks.
  • *Our services are scheduled flexibly.
  • *We ensure minimal disruption of your business operation.
  • *Affordable services.
  • *Services offered within agreed timeline and budget.
  • *We are fully insured and certified.
  • *Expert cleaners with the right attitude and work ethics.
  • *Supervisory staffs constantly available to communicate the progress.
  • *Pro-active services available 24/7.

Yes, this is one of the most effective techniques of dust cleaning available in today’s market. We have specialized equipment at our disposal which would generate a hot stream of air to target the upper strata of the dust.