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Welcome to J N Cleaning. We are a reliable & high quality office cleaning service provider across Dandenong, VIC at honestly affordable prices.

Reasons to Hire a Commercial Office Cleaner

We understand the value of an employee in your office and how important it is to provide them with a clean and hygienic environment. Employees will move everywhere and touch everything with unclean hands, leave fingerprints and stains in glasses. Because of all these activities, infection and contamination can spread on your office environment.

If you are a business owner than you that office cleanliness in businesses has direct impact on employees productivity. They feel satisfied when their office is neat and clean and it helps them to perform better at work.

According to a study conducted by Staples Corporation, 94% employees said that they experience greater productivity in a clean office and 77% stated they felt that they delivered work of a higher quality in a cleaner work space. Moreover, in a study carried out by the ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) with 1,481 respondents, 88% stated that an unclean office environment hindered their productivity and concentration.

  1. A tidy and hygienic work environment reduces the stress and anxiety level.
  2. The employees feel more comfortable and organised.
  3. Additionally, your employees will be able to remain healthier, reducing absenteeism.
  4. Moreover, it leaves a good impression towards your visitors.
  5. Lastly, but not the least, it shows that you care about your employees and visitors.

What makes us the best Office Cleaner in Dandenong?

Our services are tailored to meet all your specific needs We strive to maintain the highest standards of hygiene all throughout your premises like Shops, High-rises, Restaurants, Offices, Showrooms, etc.

Our office cleaning service package is designed to meet all your cleaning needs including washroom services, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning and upholstery cleaning to name a few. You can hire us for an overall service package or meet your specific requirements in Dandenong. Our services are offered at an extremely competitive price to suit your budget.

a) Steam cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing (carpet and upholstery)
b) Window cleaning to any height, including abseiling
c) Stripping, sealing and polishing of all types of hard floors
d) Tile and grout cleaning
e) Executive House Keeping
f) High Pressure wash
g) Servicing indoor plants
h) Waste Management and Recycling
i) Graffiti removal


Upon through inspection of your premise and knowing your requirements you will be offered with the option to choose from our daily, weekly, monthly and annual comprehensive cleaning solutions that we feel are appropriate for your place.

Affordable and Reliable Commercial Cleaning Services in Dandenong

We only recruit highly skilled and experienced commercial cleaners to deliver meticulous cleaning services. Our staffs are qualified enough to handle any types of cleaning techniques and equipment to provide the right services for your premises.

JN Cleaning is dedicated to delivering the services based on honesty, reliability and transparency in the City of Greater Dandenong. We are specialised in Commercial Contract Cleaning, Warehouse Cleaning, Industrial cleaning, Business Cleaning, Gym Cleaning, Aged Care Centre Cleaning, Medical Centre Cleaning, Child Care Centre Cleaning and Education Centre cleaning.Besides satisfying our clients we intend to develop a relationship that is authentic, rewarding and long-lasting.

Our office cleaning jobs provide you with:

  1. Quality inspections of your building premises
  2. Vacuuming  Carpet & cleaning floors
  3. Cleaning window glasses and partitions
  4. Detailed cleaning and dusting of your office systems
  5. Washing Tile and Floors
  6. Non-toxic products and advanced equipment to produce neat and tidy cleaning
  7. Prompt and active services 24/7

JN Cleaning is a well-renowned cleaning service provider offering high-quality cleaning services at a very affordable price. We specialize in office cleaning services across Dandenong, VIC.

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