Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

Are you aware of the dry carpet cleaning method? It is a type of carpet cleaning technique that involves the use of specialised machine to clean carpets with advanced chemical technologies. It has amassed incredible popularity over the years for its effective cleaning performances. The speciality about the chemicals used in the process is that it permits no moisture resulting in beautifully cleaned carpet that is free from stains, grits and allergens. A carpet cleaned using this method leaves it visually pleasing, healthier and fresh.

The process of Dry Carpet Cleaning method

Also known as very low moisture (VLM) systems, is increasing in popularity due to very rapid drying time. This makes it easier to implement the process at any time of the day. Additionally, the dry carpet cleaning method is also faster and requires less labor and effort than the wet-extraction systems.


The early stage of the cleaning method involves pre-treatment of the carpet. That requires applying detergents or emulsifiers to the carpet to break the binding of soils to the carpet fibres within a short period of time using motorized counter rotating brush machine. Stained and dirty carpets are filled with greasy films that are bound to the soil particles and prevent effective removal of the soil particles. However, the pre-treatment helps unwind these greasy films and make it easier to remove the soil and dirt particles thoroughly by the end of the cleaning process. The solution may consist of a solution like d-limonene, petroleum by products, glycol ethers or butyl agents. The pre-treatment should be continued for 15 minutes at max to get the effective result that you are looking for.

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It is one of the safest types of carpet cleaning method and is highly recommended for commercial workplaces and business that requires 24/7 treatment. Due to its low labor requirement and fast drying process it causes minimal disruption to the business operation.

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