Carpets In Hotels: What Do You Need To Know!

A carpet enhances the value and appearance of your commercial space. Whether you have it in your hotel, office, restaurant and even home, carpet is the preferred alternative to expensive flooring in reception areas, conference rooms, hallways and boardrooms of a hotel. Let us explore some benefits of having a carpet in your hotel.

6 benefits of having a carpet in your hotel

  1. Great for style and appearance: Available in varieties of patterns, cuts and colours, a carpet can be used to present a formidable style statement for your guests and visitors. It improves your interior and exterior décor with the use of varieties of colours, patterns and pile heights.
  2. Warmth and Insulation:carpets can absorb fair bit of sound thus offering sound barriers to an open wide room. Moreover, it insulates the floor thus helping your room save lots of energy. Since it is a good insulator, carpet also provides a warm and soothing feel especially during cold winter keeping your feet warm and protected from cold.
  3. Prevents slip: Carpet offers resistant against falls and slips thus reducing the risk of an accident by a large margin.
  4. Saves maintenance cost: On the long run carpet costs lesser to clean and maintain than the surface flooring.
  5. Traps allergens and bacteria: carpet traps dirt, dust, allergens and other contaminants. The carpet can hold them until they are properly removed from it.
  6. Easier to maintain: a carpet requires less effort and labour to be cleaned than hard surface flooring. As a result it costs lesser to maintain.

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Most common types of carpets found in a hotel

Synthetic fibre carpets: acrylic carpets are one of the top choices for any hotels and lobbies because of its numerous benefits including:

  • Fast drying time
  • Available in various colours and patterns
  • Stain resistant
  • Resistant to moulds and fungus

Natural carpets: They are fairly expensive as a result they are mostly found in expensive hotels. However, their expense covers for the aesthetic appeal that they provide to the place they are laid on. Additionally, they do not trap dust and resist static making them beneficial for the effortless cleaning. The most common types of natural carpets include sisal, sea grass, wool and jute. Like acrylic fibre, they are stain resistant, durable and come in varieties of styles, patterns and colours.

Blended carpets: these are manufactured using two or more different fibers. The most common combinations include silk/wool blends, wool/nylon, olefin/nylon and cotton/silk.

Disadvantages of these carpets

However, amidst all these benefits, they have their fair bit of disadvantages too, such as

  • These carpets easily wear and tear from heavy uses and are poor choice in high-traffic areas.
  • Excessive heat or sunlight makes the carpet prone to shedding and attract oil stains easily.
  • Therefore, expert carpet cleaners for hotel recommends the hotel owners to use nylon or sisal carpets for long-lasting effects yet adding the same elegant touch to the hotel ambience.

What are the most common ways your hotel carpet can get dirty?

Through spilling: there are so many visitors that are having a cup of quick coffee or snacks in the lobby. An accidental spill is inevitable. Your carpet is constantly being spilled with food and drinks or other staining particles leaving it stained and dirty.

Color loss: Your carpets could lose colour due to the presence of high ph chemicals, oxidizers or acids. If the room where the carpet is laid is regularly sprayed or spilled with a product that contains one of these compounds then your carpet will end up losing its colour over time.

Bringing contaminants from outside: Your carpet receives the dirty boots and shoes of your clients and visitors on a constant basis. The shoes bring lots of dusts and dirt from outside leaving your carpet dirty over time.


Carpet brings elegance and enhances the ambiance of a hotel, office or home. It shows that you are ready to welcome your visitors and are prepared to serve them with positivity. However, it has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages that needs to be kept in mind when purchasing and installing them into your place. Most importantly, without proper care and maintenance your carpet will gradually lose its attractiveness and leave your room with a stained, stinky and faded floor cover that only adds to the liability that you need to get rid off. Therefore it is important to contact a proficient cleaner for carpet cleaning in Greater Dandenong for hotel, home or office to keep your carpet shining bright and smelling fresh and looking beautiful.

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